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Sunday, March 13, 2011

TidbitsParenting: CSN Stores $35 Gift Card Giveaway!

So excited to host for you my 3rd CSN Stores giveaway! With spring and summer looming (oof, Tucson heat!) it is the perfect time of year to start sprucing up your yard with a new playhouse, swingset, slide, or other outdoor goody, like from the CSN Store . Here are a few extra-fun ones I found while on there...

AND! Here's hoping wherever we move this summer finds us still in a house with a yard! But enough about me, this is a Giveaway! Whoot!

That's right, the lovely people over at CSN Stores have offered TidbitsParenting readers an opportunity to win a $35 Gift Certificate! The CSN Stores world will be your oyster if you win.

How to enter the giveaway...
TidbitsParenting: CSN Stores $35 Gift Card Giveaway!

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