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Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Megan at Build A Sign.  She gave me the opportunity to have my own personalized signs and stickers!  No need to even think about it, I was in from the word personalized! 

I headed over to Build A Sign and was blown away by the selection of items available.  At first I didn't know where to begin.  Magnets, stickers, signs... blog related, not blog related... so many options.  I started with a simple with a bumper sticker and it was so easy.  It was actually a little addicting to pick and choose designs, colors, fonts and clipart!  By the time I was finished, I had designed over a dozen items.  The hard part was narrowing down my selections, but I am very happy with my choices.

First the sign (here): This sign is a "street sign" and I toyed with using Runner's Way or Runner's Place, but in the end I decided that Runner's High meant more to me.  And of course the sign is purple! 

Bumper sticker (here): I started with the stock design I heart running and changed up the heart from pink to purple, of course.  I also added my blog name for personalization.

Magnet (here): I loved the sticker so much I wanted to have a magnet too.  For this one I used their stock design and changed up the font color to purple while leaving the heart pink.  I personalized it with my blog name too.  It is actually a car magnet so it is very heavy duty which is nice.

Stickers (here): For the last item I found a sticker in the stock designs that said WAG MORE! bark less.  I see this on cars a lot and it's a saying I love.  I almost picked the sticker as is BUT then I decided it would be fun to change it to a running related saying.  So RUN MORE! sit less. was born.  I claim this phrase as my own creation, an original!!  Isn't it great?! 

All in all my experience with Build A Sign was a great one.  Megan was super fun to work with and is very responsive!  The website is easy to navigate and there are signs for everyone and everything.  And if you can't find what you're looking for, start from scratch and make your own design from the bottom up.  You can design a large card for a special someone, signs for real estate or fundraisers or kids' sports teams, or whatever you need.  Even if you can't think of anything you'd need a sign for, visit their website and I bet you'll find something you want.  I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering something for Father's Day from Build A Sign and I can see myself as the ultimate soccer mom with a sign to prove it.  Every kid wants their mom holding up a big sign on the sideline, don't they?

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