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Monday, March 7, 2011

More Blogiversary Celebration…A Giveaway with Pampered Chef!

So have you been wondering when we’d get the party going again??? :-) Well, I’m back in the land of the living…for now. I’m on antibiotics and pain meds and waiting til next Friday to have the dental work done. It seems that you you don’t “get numb” if there is swelling, which I had plenty of  and believe me I want to be very numb when I have dental work done!! The swelling is almost gone and I’m mostly off the pain meds. So let’s get the party back on track! Oh, and thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! They are much appreciated!!

On to the giveaway…
My friend and fellow homeschooling Mom, Kim Madren is an Independent Director and Consultant with Pampered Chef and she is going to help us celebrate my one year blogiversary with a giveaway! Kim would like a reader of Keen Inspirations to have one of Pampered Chef’s most popular kitchen tools….
The  Food Chopper

We’ve had one of these for years and  have used it to prepare the toppings for our Friday night homemade pizza. My kids would fuss over who got to chop the olives…they let me chop the onions! :-) It is just the right size to chop what we need and we don’t have to drag out the big food processor!
We don’t make homemade pizza every Friday anymore….but we do make pizza…either fresh from the store or frozen if there’s a great deal with a coupon! We still cut it with the same Pampered Chef Pizza Cutter! We’ve probably had this about 8 years and it’s still going strong!  Here it is after a busy Friday Pizza Night!
I do realize that my  Friday Night Pizza was not on a Pampered Chef Stone…:( I’ve never trusted my family with one living in a basement with concrete floors. Since they are all a little older now, that is something I may have to reconsider! Hmmmm…
The new spring products just came out this week!
Veggie Wedger: Cut veggies and citrus fruits into wedges using one quick motion.
Look what's new! Check out some of our new spring products.

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