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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Fever- Garden Giveaway

I was just putting together my seed order from Pinetree Seeds.  I ordered with them last year, and was very happy with my order and with the seeds I purchased.  They had MANY types of heirloom seeds and MUCH cheaper prices than you find many other places.

I am having a bit of Spring Fever after just coming home from Florida where things are starting to green up, and now there is a little bit of a thaw going on in Indiana.  So I am placing my order, and I wanted to get a little something extra for some of my friends!

So, I am giving away a $5 gift certificate for Pinetree Seeds to TWO lucky winners!  Most of the seeds from Pinetree run from $.95 to $1.50, so with $5 you could get over a thousand seeds for any of your favorite garden veggies!

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