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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She Says… Boogers x 2 and GIVEAWAY

When Owen first started daycare a few weeks ago I blogged about how disgusting the kids were with boogers streaking down their faces. People kept telling me how the first year or two (or three) of daycare are rough, and that Owen would have a constant cold. They joked about how our whole family would go through it, and just when we thought we were getting over an illness, another one would come along. Hardy har har. I guess I believed them, but I also had a bit of an invincibility syndrome. I thought, “They’re probably right, but I’m sure it won’t be that bad” or “That won’t happen to us; I almost never get sick”.

Ummm, I was wrong. They were right. ‘Nuff said.
After his first week there, Owen came down with his first illness. It hit him pretty hard, but he [mostly] recovered after some meds and a week of extra cuddles. Shortly after that I got a stuffy nose and a cough for a few days. Since then I’ve been feeling ok, but never really shook the snotty nose and sinus pressure. Over the last few days Owen seemed to be getting worse rather than better (he, too, never entirely shook the congestion). And then I started getting worse rather than better. Now we’re quite a pair — both of us full of snot and sneezing like we’re in a cartoon and someone is tickling our noses with a feather.
Boogie Wipes are saline wipes that dissolve dried boogers off of little noses without creating dry, chapped skin like tissues. Read: They are magic if your kid is a little booger breeder like Owen. They are made with natural saline and are alcohol, phthalate and paraben free. And for kids who are tissue-phobic, they even come in fun scents like grape and menthol.
The Boogie Moms (Boogie Wipes creators and “mompreneurs”) were kind enough to send me some samples to test out on Owen’s chapped, little nose. I whipped them out as soon as I received them. Verdict: THEY ARE AWESOME. The dried boogers literally dissolve and wipe away, and Owen didn’t even squirm and whip his head around like he does when I use a tissue or burp cloth. I’ll be honest, the grape scent is a bit too, uhh, grapey for my taste. But maybe a 4 year old would differ with me. The unscented, menthol flavor and “Achooz” (Boogie Wipes for adults) are much better, in my opinion!
They are currently sponsoring a cute campaign called Save the Sleeve, which is a fun, interactive way to teach kids about healthy ways to deal with boogers (like not wiping them on their hands or sleeve). Owen’s a bit young for this, but older kids would totally dig it!
Side note: The Boogie Moms are an awesome example of moms who had a great idea and turned it into a successful business. Very inspiring ladies! You can read about them here.
Don’t you wish you had some Boogie Wipes too? It’s February, and it’s been a LONG winter, so I’m guessing the answer is yes. Here’s your chance! The Boogie Moms have offered to send 2 packs of 30-count wipes to a lucky This Place is Now a Home reader. That’s a lot of boogies, my friends.

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