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Monday, February 21, 2011

Runnin' To The Altar: RTtA's First Give-away! Woohoo!

I noticed everyone seems to be in the giving spirit lately, so I figured I have some spare deployment monies to buy my friends get in on the fun with!

+ Nike + iPod. This is a nifty little tool that I have heard about that tells you your distance, time, pace, and calories burned with every workout. You can also sync it with Nike's Website to see your runs, set goals, challenge others, and more. I know it's not as accurate as a satellite GPS watch, but it's also not 300-500 dollars... In fact, that was the best news! Usually these suckers go for $29.99, but the Navy Exchange here on base sells them for $19.99 (and everything in the exchange is tax free.) Score!

+ Three GU gels. Flavors will vary between Chocolate Outrage and Blueberry Pomogranate (Roctane). Because that's all they have in stock. Haha. And those run out fast, so I will be making another trip today, to get them before they are gone, and I have to wait another 2 months for them to be in stock. Oh wait. I only have 27 days left!! Sorry. Off topic.
ENTER HERE: Runnin' To The Altar: RTtA's First Give-away! Woohoo!

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