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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review and BONUS GIVEAWAY: Crater Dot modern cat lounge

The Crater Dot is a fashionable lounge where kitties can nap, snooze or hang out. The manufacturer states: “The polyester plush dot center provides an easy to clean and comfy spot to relax. The foam lounge base is polyester fabric over a moulded foam form that is contoured to provide just the right padding for your pet.” I was skeptical at first from the photos just how “plush” this bed was going to be, but the center is surprisingly dense and soft. It reminds me of a memory foam pillow, one that will gracefully hug your kitty’s adorable, rounded, sleeping form. 

Gabe enjoying the Mossy Green Crater Dot
The Mad About Pets testing cats were immediately enthralled with the Crater Dot. They each patiently took a turn trying it out, and eventually Gabe was kind enough to pose for a photograph. As you can see, the Crater Dot is a great solution to de-fuzz your cat’s favorite couch spot. I just toss the Crater Dot up on the sofa seat and the cats seem to gravitate to it, rather than smooshing down the backs of the couch cushions and using them as a lounge like they normally do. It also has a nice hanging hook for easy storage, such as when guests come over. The Crater Dot is so stylish, however, you won’t feel obligated to hide it away like normal pet beds. 

The bottom of the Crater Dot also features a pocket to place the optional warming pad (sold separately.) This is a great option for those who might turn the heat down while they’re away at work but worry about the kitties catching a chill, or to soothe the joints of arthritic cats. But really, do cats NEED a reason to find a warm place to curl up? 

The Crater Dot comes in five lovely colors (Blossom Pink, Mossy Green, Lunar Grey, Orange Dream and Lavendar Field) which contrast nicely with the black base

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