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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Organic Blankees Giveaway { $75 Gift Certificate }

Ann Heaney, the owner and designer behindOrganic Blankees is offering one $75 Gift Certificate to her shop for one  winner!

A little bit about Ann's work:
Organic Blankees was started by a mom of four who understands the importance of a good nights sleep - for both her and her brood.  Babies and children are supposed of spend half of their day sleeping – Ann Heaney wanted to keep her kids healthy and toxin free both during the day and at night.  
Heaney was alarmed after reading a piece on manufactured cotton and polyester.  She had no idea that the plastic used to make a plastic water bottle is identical to the plastic used to make a polyester blanket.  The amount of chemicals and pesticides used in the conventional cotton manufacturing process had her floored. She didn't want to subject her kids to these high toxin levels while they were sleeping and she is sure that other parents thought the same.  Ann began a search to find bedding that was organic yet whimsical and fun.  Based in NY, Ann is an avid sewer with an eye for design. She decided to create her own line which was whimsical and fun but at the same time free from all the toxins found in traditional blankets. 

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