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Monday, February 28, 2011

Madison at Main Review & Giveaway!

I love color in everything! My yard, my boudoir, the kitchen, my wardrobe ………….everything. Problem with that is MUF (Mr. Unfun), the only color in his life is blue. While it does bring out my eyes, I have no intention of making all things Lucy come in differing shades of blue.
The other problem with my love of color is that adding color involves change, another thing that Muf doesn’t take so well. My redecorating comes in incremental doses to say the least.
One way to feed my appetite for color and ease Muf’s apprehension toward change is throw rugs. I get my splash of color and he gets the security of temporary or removable.
When I got the opportunity to review the cutesy rugs from Madison at Main, y’all know I couldn’t wait to say yes. I was click happy forever…seemed like it anyway. Seriously so many fun and colorful choices and they always haveNew Arrivals!  They’ve got rugs for the Kitchen, the Garden, rugs on theWaterfront, Country & Ranch Pets Children & Babies Sports, rugs withStripes and PatternsMonogrammed Seasonal , and Shag Rugs too! 
With some of their more popular brands like Jellybean RugsHomefires Accents RugsHomefires RugsWoven WorkzBabybean Rugs and Jellybean Shag Rugs you know it took a while but I finally settled on this lil number for my laundry room…(yes, even the Queen of everything has to suffer through the piles of endless laundry) I got my color and Muf got his blue…and once again there is harmony in the universe!
 The best part though is that most are machine washable! Yay!! Can’t have a dirty Queendom.

My rug is so plush and vibrant, I worried that once it was washed it would lose its luster. Not so! It kept its shape, color and size (which is surprisingly big). It has inspired me to start a laundry room makeover! I know I can’t believe it either, but with a rug so pretty I hate to drab it up with a dingy old room.
I love my new rug and since Madison at Main offers free shipping on purchases of $50 or more…ya know I’ve found my new-color-my-house-more-than-blue-store!

Buy it (Lucy readers can use the discount code LUCY10, for 10% off at checkout)
Win it.
The Color your floor pretty people of Madison at Main have generously offered one Luck Lucy their choice of any Homefires or Jellybean Accent rug.

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