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Monday, February 28, 2011

Goat Milk Stuff Review & Giveaway

Just when I (Lucy) thought my Queendom “me time” in the tub couldn’t get any better I found a bar of bath time bliss!! Yummy all about me bliss………… Ilove the scent, the feel, and the bubbly lather, kinda makes me wanna take a soak now.
What is this bar of bliss? It’s Goat Milk Stuff! Y’all, who knew that goat’s milk, could be so self-indulging?  And yummy, the stuff looks and smells like big pieces of candy shop creamy goodness.
Goat Milk Stuff soaps are made with an ounce of raw goat milk straight from the maker’s farm….now that’s fresh! My skin loves it and I love that each piece is as unique and special as mio! In appearance, size, color and scent…..It’s a fabulous addition to “Queendom hour”, just like Cleopatra we can enjoy the benefits of pure lactic acid; clean, softening, and all natural….nice!
I’ve never used a soap that was made with goat milk and didn’t know exactly what to expect, I kinda thought it would be a lightly fragranced bar that was meant to disguise the smell of, I don’t know….bad? So when my package arrived I was delighted with each bar, each yummy piece smelled exactly like it was labeled. My bar of chocolate goat milk soap, smelled like and looked like an exotic piece of chocolate, the vanilla lavender bar had a distinct scent of vanilla and equally fragranced scent of lavender, same with the coconut and the black raspberry.
Goat Milk Stuff carries some really unique specialty items. I got the loofa bar of soap… about a soft skin making bar of silky suds!
Goat Milk Stuff isn’t just about pretty bars either; they also have bath accessoriesbath bombslaundry soapshaving stuffgift setsgoat milk fudgelotionssugar scrubs, and lip balm.
I love my vanilla lip balm! It’s like a built in barrier of soft that fights of the winter nasty….leaving you with moist, soft, and kissable lips…MUAH!

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