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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Glee Gum Make Your Own Candy Kit Review and Giveaway!

These Gummies were so easy to make. The kit comes with molding starch that you use to make your own molds. We used our a spoon and our fingers…because that is just fun…to make imprints in the mold. Once the molds are done you are ready to make the Gummies. The directions are super easy to follow and takes no time to do it. The faster you make the Gummies the sooner you get to eat the Gummies! I did need to do most of the cooking process as it involved boiling the liquid.

The last step…before eating of course…is to coat the Gummies with the sour mix. I chose to only coat some of the Gummies in case my picky eater didn’t like the coating. I can tell you the coating was good but if it is too sour you can dilute it with regular sugar. Take your time and have fun with it. Make fun shapes and most importantly enjoy the time you spend with your little ones. 

Check out their website at You can read about the history of the company and find educational information to use with the kit. 

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