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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Giveaway Spectacular #12: 3 Winners Get $70 Crio Bru Brewed Chocolate Gift Baskets

You’ve heard of brewing coffee before, but what about chocolate?
Crio Bru is different than anything I’ve heard of before. It is a new a chocolaty hot drink that is made from cocoa beans and brewed like coffee.
It creates natural energy that comes from theobromine. The winners will get a French Press to make it in, here’s how:
  1. Brew it in the French press for 10-12 minutes. Although Crio Brü can be brewed effectively in as little as 5 minutes, you’ll find it will be much more full-bodied when brewed for 10-12.
  2. Before drinking, try to pick out the aromatic notes in the Crio – cinnamon, berries, dark spice, etc.
  3. Add a small amount of creamer. Less than 20% of coffee ordered at Starbuck’s is ordered black. A dollop of Coffee-mate’s French Vanilla or Belgian Chocolate Toffee, or an addition of almond milk or any other traditional coffee creamer will bring out the chocolaty notes.
  4. Add a tiny dash of cinnamon to Cavalla before or after brewing.

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