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Monday, February 28, 2011

Executive Gift Shop Review & Giveaway!!

.......Then it occurred to me, what is more personal than a personalized gift? Ha! I think I got!
But where to go?………….that was the question.
Then I was gifted the opportunity to review for the Executive Gift Shoppe,. When I say I was gifted, I mean THANK YOU people of Executive Gift Shoppe, you have eased a serious stressor for a well-intended daughter in-law that will never come up short again!! So you see the gift is really mine.
Talk about some very cool unique gifts that can be upgraded with the glory of personalization… nothing says this is yours like their name!
Some of my favorite ideas were the pocket watches, stylish and affordable!

Or a coffee set...just saying..
and I thought executive meant stuffy and boring! It doesn't have to be all about the desk! Though they do carry some nice desk worthy items!

I'm thinking awesome teacher's desk!

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