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Thursday, February 3, 2011

EcoWare Giveaway - Ends Tonight!!

    Ecoware is a company that sells Biodegradable disposable silverware. All though not silver but are made of birch wood and safe to toss or lose in the park! This disposable ware is a great and wonderful idea!

Ecoware offers forks,spoons, and knives. You can buy these is a variety of ways such as bulk, custom packaging, custom logo, pre-package sets, and also retail. These are great for a business to use to help make the earth a nicer place, one step at a time. These are also priced where you could buy these instead of plastic disposable forks, etc. Plastic silverware hardly makes it to the recycle bin but with these it doesn't matter because they will go back into the soil all by them self!

4 Piece Packaged Wooden Cutlery Set Wooden Fork Knife Spoon

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