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Monday, February 28, 2011

Light It Up!! It’s a Knuckle Lights Review and Giveaway!!!

So, I was given the opportunity to try a product called Knuckle Lights. I am not going to lie, I am still pretty scared of the dark especially when I am by myself, so I was pretty excited to try the lights. A couple of years ago my sister and I use to run super early in the morning together. We seriously had every portable light we could find.  (I think my sister might be afraid of the dark too!) The crazy thing was, is that we still could not see very good, and the deer that jumped in front of us still made us want to poo ourselves a little! I just don’t think headlamps and flashlights are all that awesome for running, but either are deer that jump in front of you!!!

I have been using the Knuckle lights for a couple of months now and I have to tell you that they are my new favorite early morning running accessory!!! Oh, and every time I run with the lights I think about Ragnar, and how I am going to love using them during the night/morning (okay, dark portion) of that race for sure!! Last year during Ragnar my headlamp worked smashingly while I was waiting for my team-mate to come in, and then 5 ft. into my portion it blinked two or three times and didn’t work the rest of my run!! I guess it worked in my favor because I was so freakin’ scared I would haul to the next runner with a working light. This year with the Knuckle lights it will be amazing because I will be able to see the dead skunk on the road instead of almost tripping over it!!!
So do you want to hear more about the amazing Knuckle Lights instead of my mishaps running in the dark?……..Well okay then!! Here are the things I like best about the lights. They are super light first off, and the lights allow you to just have your hands in a very comfortable, natural way. You don’t have to do anything special to wear the knuckle lights. I have worn them with gloves liners, thick gloves, and with nothing at all. They will adjust to anybody’s hand. The very best thing though, is that they light up a large area around you. You don’t have to have your hands pointed in any direction like you would with a flashlight, and you don’t have to hold your head stiff worrying if your headlamp is going to slip.
Do you want to light up your next morning run or all night relay with a pair of Knuckle lights? Well here is your chance! All you have to do is enter the giveaway!!!

Light It Up!! It’s a Knuckle Lights Giveaway!!!

 (the giveaway will end March 8, 2011 @ 11:59 p.m.. The winner will be announced March 9, 2011. There are many great ways to enter! Try them all! Remember to leave a comment for each way you enter, as each comment is an entry for the giveaway. The more you comment, the more chances you have to win.) 

Orient Automatic Watch Giveaway!

I hate late…. so watches are a must and if they are chic and stylish then all the better!
I’ve found a promising one stop watch shop that I think holds potential for some well-made touch of glam time pieces. Of course I found them in the Orient, that is.

I really like the Urban CDB05001W and racing style SER1S001B for the soon to be man-child …..

If you knew the challenges I face in shopping for my hard to please monster you’d know what a miraculous feat it was when he said “yeah, I’d wear that” all minus the eye roll!
 Y’all have no idea the fashion battle that takes place on a regular…..seriously, who knew that by giving birth you automatically became so uncool and tasteless?  Lol…how I wonder will he feel when he realizes that his clueless, unfashion minded mama would wear these sweet pieces of bling too?? Oh or worse yet the no sense of style likes of MUF (Mr. Unfun) would wear one too!
I say we all get a matching set!!!
How awesome am I that the people of Orient Watches would just let me give one of you Lucy Lucy’s a watch of your own….Yep, you got it! Pretty darned awesome! Cause one of y’all will be snagging this pretty pink faced quartz cutie valued at $135!

Perricone MD: Anti-aging Products That Work Giveaway!

So it’s pretty clear by now that I strongly dislike the winter nasty. Boots, skinny jeans, and chunky sweaters (as cute as they are) aren’t doing it for me and this dry gray scaly skin; it’s just not my thing.
In my efforts to ward off the dermis mangling stuff I’m always looking for ways to salvage my skin, my beloved peels can only go so far, cause ya need some moisture and a lot of it! Problem with most creams and potions is that they are goopy and pore clogging so the pursuit for something that won’t add to my issues is usually a long one.
Apparently I’ve been living under a rock or something because when I came across Perricone MD I mentioned it to a friend and she was “Oh yeah! I use that stuff too” and my sister apparently uses it too. So why haven’t I tried it? Guess I should come out from under that rock a time or two.
Dr. Perricone is regarded as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging. His holistic approach to aging treats the inflammation that causes aging in three ways: through diet, nutriceutical supplements, and his award-winning line of skin care products and cosmeceuticals. Through his program this type of inflammation can be stopped, which slows down the skin's aging process and even reverses existing damage. The effects of his program are not only visible externally but will enhance your life with better overall health and increased energy….
Woo Hoo! Sounds good so far! The doc had me at holistic, his blog delves into diet, supplements, and skincare regimens that are all complementary of each other. Makes sense that they would all be related in the battle of aging.
My sister, who is fabulous at a little more than forty years old, reiterated the claims that Perricone MD is the one brand with anti aging products that work…..Adds to the interest, right? I think so.

Executive Gift Shop Review & Giveaway!!

.......Then it occurred to me, what is more personal than a personalized gift? Ha! I think I got!
But where to go?………….that was the question.
Then I was gifted the opportunity to review for the Executive Gift Shoppe,. When I say I was gifted, I mean THANK YOU people of Executive Gift Shoppe, you have eased a serious stressor for a well-intended daughter in-law that will never come up short again!! So you see the gift is really mine.
Talk about some very cool unique gifts that can be upgraded with the glory of personalization… nothing says this is yours like their name!
Some of my favorite ideas were the pocket watches, stylish and affordable!

Or a coffee set...just saying..
and I thought executive meant stuffy and boring! It doesn't have to be all about the desk! Though they do carry some nice desk worthy items!

I'm thinking awesome teacher's desk!

Madison at Main Review & Giveaway!

I love color in everything! My yard, my boudoir, the kitchen, my wardrobe ………….everything. Problem with that is MUF (Mr. Unfun), the only color in his life is blue. While it does bring out my eyes, I have no intention of making all things Lucy come in differing shades of blue.
The other problem with my love of color is that adding color involves change, another thing that Muf doesn’t take so well. My redecorating comes in incremental doses to say the least.
One way to feed my appetite for color and ease Muf’s apprehension toward change is throw rugs. I get my splash of color and he gets the security of temporary or removable.
When I got the opportunity to review the cutesy rugs from Madison at Main, y’all know I couldn’t wait to say yes. I was click happy forever…seemed like it anyway. Seriously so many fun and colorful choices and they always haveNew Arrivals!  They’ve got rugs for the Kitchen, the Garden, rugs on theWaterfront, Country & Ranch Pets Children & Babies Sports, rugs withStripes and PatternsMonogrammed Seasonal , and Shag Rugs too! 
With some of their more popular brands like Jellybean RugsHomefires Accents RugsHomefires RugsWoven WorkzBabybean Rugs and Jellybean Shag Rugs you know it took a while but I finally settled on this lil number for my laundry room…(yes, even the Queen of everything has to suffer through the piles of endless laundry) I got my color and Muf got his blue…and once again there is harmony in the universe!
 The best part though is that most are machine washable! Yay!! Can’t have a dirty Queendom.

My rug is so plush and vibrant, I worried that once it was washed it would lose its luster. Not so! It kept its shape, color and size (which is surprisingly big). It has inspired me to start a laundry room makeover! I know I can’t believe it either, but with a rug so pretty I hate to drab it up with a dingy old room.
I love my new rug and since Madison at Main offers free shipping on purchases of $50 or more…ya know I’ve found my new-color-my-house-more-than-blue-store!

Buy it (Lucy readers can use the discount code LUCY10, for 10% off at checkout)
Win it.
The Color your floor pretty people of Madison at Main have generously offered one Luck Lucy their choice of any Homefires or Jellybean Accent rug.

Goat Milk Stuff Review & Giveaway

Just when I (Lucy) thought my Queendom “me time” in the tub couldn’t get any better I found a bar of bath time bliss!! Yummy all about me bliss………… Ilove the scent, the feel, and the bubbly lather, kinda makes me wanna take a soak now.
What is this bar of bliss? It’s Goat Milk Stuff! Y’all, who knew that goat’s milk, could be so self-indulging?  And yummy, the stuff looks and smells like big pieces of candy shop creamy goodness.
Goat Milk Stuff soaps are made with an ounce of raw goat milk straight from the maker’s farm….now that’s fresh! My skin loves it and I love that each piece is as unique and special as mio! In appearance, size, color and scent…..It’s a fabulous addition to “Queendom hour”, just like Cleopatra we can enjoy the benefits of pure lactic acid; clean, softening, and all natural….nice!
I’ve never used a soap that was made with goat milk and didn’t know exactly what to expect, I kinda thought it would be a lightly fragranced bar that was meant to disguise the smell of, I don’t know….bad? So when my package arrived I was delighted with each bar, each yummy piece smelled exactly like it was labeled. My bar of chocolate goat milk soap, smelled like and looked like an exotic piece of chocolate, the vanilla lavender bar had a distinct scent of vanilla and equally fragranced scent of lavender, same with the coconut and the black raspberry.
Goat Milk Stuff carries some really unique specialty items. I got the loofa bar of soap… about a soft skin making bar of silky suds!
Goat Milk Stuff isn’t just about pretty bars either; they also have bath accessoriesbath bombslaundry soapshaving stuffgift setsgoat milk fudgelotionssugar scrubs, and lip balm.
I love my vanilla lip balm! It’s like a built in barrier of soft that fights of the winter nasty….leaving you with moist, soft, and kissable lips…MUAH!

Giveaway time!

I hope you'll like the prizes: three pairs of earrings, one bracelet, one ring, a pair of tights, a clutch and a dress. Most of them I couldn't resist and bought for myself too:)
Someone will be the lucky winner of all these nice things!

Two pairs of Meli Melo earrings

 A clutch from Meli Melo and a bracelet from Avon

A pair of tights

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Saturday & A Giveaway

Ok, would you like to see what i’ve been doing over the last 2 days?? Matching fabrics, then cutting, then ironing, then trimming, then sewing, then ironing again, & then sewing. Again. lol!
I’ve been asked by a few people on my blog if i’m going to sell my handmade items, so i’ve decided to make small batches of items and post them on my blog before heading off to Etsy with them. My first projects are cloth napkins!! I figure using eco-friendly cloth napkins is such a great step forward instead of using paper towels all the time! You can use them till they’re in tattered shreds! 
All the napkins are 100% cotton, machine wash/dry.
Here are the fruits of my labour! (*click on the pics to see the napkins full size)
*Rose napkins measure 10×12″
*Poison Dart Frog/Stripe measure at 9.5 x 11.5″ (these are my faves!!)
*Floral/Stripe measure at 9 x 11.5″

A pomtree Giveaway!

Poms are by far my most favorite nursery decoration.  They can add so much color, texture, and whimsy to a nursery, a dining room, or a party!  Someday I hope to add these to a room to infuse color into our “brown” walls.

Lucky for my readers, one of my favorite etsy sellers, pomtree, is giving away three poms in fresh, spring shades of turquoise, cerulean and aqua.

One lucky winner will receive this set of beautiful poms.

Spring Break Essentials Backpack Giveaway!

With Spring Break right around the corner, millions of eager party-going college students nationwide are starting to make their final plans for the weeklong getaway. However, times have changed, and this isn’t your grandfather’s Spring Break!  So leave the Tommy Bahama shirt and SPF 100 behind, and let upgrade your gear with their “Spring Break Essentials Backpack.”
From the best ways to stay hydrated after a long night of partying to the top supplements for a healthy vacation; check out our round-up of the hottest must-have products for this year’s Spring Break. It will have any guy hooked-up and hooking up in no time.
HINT Water – Keeping hydrated after a long night out is one of the first steps in recovering from that dreaded hangover. This zero calorie, unsweetened water is the drink of chose for anyone that wants to shake off the rust from the night before without adding those extra calories. HINT is available in 10 flavors. Retails at $44.00 for a case of 24, 16 oz. Bottles.
SURGEX - Want to take your beach volleyball skills to the next level? If so, SURGEX is perfect for you. Implementing a unique three-phrase approach that is proven to help individuals prepare their bodies for intense physical activity, SURGEX helps users perform at peak levels and recover with less soreness and fatigue. SURGEX is available in four unique flavors: “Vanilla Storm”, “Chocolate Charge”, “Banana Berry Blast”, and “Tropical Crush.” Retails at $79.95.
Quikee – No, not that kind of quikee -Supersmile’s on-the-go breath freshener and teeth whitener is sure to help you score this spring break as you lure in the ladies with your bright and refreshing smile. The Supersmile quikee is a no brush/no rinse tooth polish that is small enough to fit in your back pocket and is essential for a day at the beach or a night on the town. Retails at $16 for a .35 oz bottle.
Private Stock Backpack – You’ll only need a few beach essentials for your trip, so pack light and travel in style with Private Stock’s Cross Harbour Bag. With several pouches on the outside and inside there’s plenty of room for your sunscreen and music collection, as well as a pouch on the side for that HINT water. The Cross Harbour Bag is available in black and bright red. Retails at $98.00.
This week we’re giving away a Spring Break Essentials Backpack with ALL the following items above to ONE  Manolith Reader!