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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Win Stefan Aschan Weight Loss Book!!

Stefan Aschan’s system of health and fitness is a fresh take on a real-food (not processed) diet combined with sensible exercise; he calls it youngevity: looking and feeling young.  Many real-food books can be so overwhelming that most people refuse to try.  That is not the case with Alpine Weight Loss Secrets.  

Stefan Aschan takes a gentle approach, giving you the option of total immersion and diving right in, or making a few healthy choices at a time.  He does not take a condescending tone or use fancy scientific jargon, speaking directly to his readers as a friend and sharing his experiences and expertise.  The program is not difficult and you will not have to starve yourself or cut out whole food groups.  You will not have to take expensive supplements or order costly meals.  You may even cancel your gym membership!
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