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Monday, January 31, 2011

Kaspersky PURE Total Security Software Review and Giveaway

Kaspersky PURE Total Security provides world class protection using the features that have made Kaspersky Lab’s current retail products the hottest-selling software in America.Kaspersky PURE Total Protection offers you:
* Run scans on any PC in your household to make sure they’re secure
* Automatic file backup and restore functions
* An integrated Password Manager to protect your identity
* Data Encryption and File Shredder to make sure your private information stays private
* Perform file backups remotely, to protect your data no matter what machine it sits on
* Fix security issues before they become problems
* Administer parental controls so kids are never outside of your protection, even when they’re out of view
* Control over when and for how long your children can be online, or on the computer at all
* Limit access to the Internet, web content, applications, games, or social networks
* The ability to keep important information from being shared
* A communication-safety hub”

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